Eric Albers

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I am a third-year Ph.D. student at UIC, having received my B.S. in Mathematics from Temple University. I am co-advised by Alex Furman and Daniel Groves. My research interests include the various aspects of Geometric Group Theory and Ergodic Theory. I've recently been reading about boundaries, both in the topological sense of Furstenberg, and the geometric sense of Gromov. Outside of pure maths I am interested in baseball; with an emphasis on the analysis of baseball data often coined Sabermetrics. In the Summer of 2021 I worked in the Baseball Research and Development department with the Milwaukee Brewers and tentatively plan to do so again in the Summer of 2022. My CV can be found here

Email: ealber9 AT uic DOT edu
Office: SEO 402


Calculus III: Fall 2019, Spring & Fall 2020, Spring & Fall 2021 (Co-Instructor Fall 2021)

Undergraduate Real Analysis (Grader/TA), Fall 2021

Undergraduate Complex Analysis (Grader/TA), Summer 2020

Graduate Complex Analysis (Grader), Spring 2021


Various Notes

I have been Tex'ing course notes for multiple courses since undergrad and have provided some of these notes here. One should assume there are many errors within them but they could be helpful nonetheless.

Here are some notes on a second semester of graduate algebra from Temple: Graduate Algebra II

Rather complete notes from the analysis sequence at UIC: Complex Analysis ; Real Analysis

And here are some (still incomplete) notes on the first half of Serre's Trees, Trees ; as well as some hand-written notes on Complexes of Groups (with lots of pictures!) Notes 1 , Notes 2 . A summer project, time permitting, will be to compile these notes and some notes from other readings into a single Tex'd set of notes on Geometric Group Theory.